My Thoughts on 9/11

11 years ago today, things changed.  I recalled my experience and was amazed at how real my memories are.

World Trade Center Building 1

World Trade Center Building 1

During the summer of 2001, my close friends got married, and, after the honeymoon, they moved into their apartment in the same complex I lived in and life was grand.  My friend and I would ride our motor bikes, he and his wife, and my fiance (now wife, Kari) and I would go on double dates; it was awesome.

Then, in August, they decided on a whim to move back where there families live…1200 miles away.  This broke my heart because I knew he was saying goodbye to his dreams.  It also was very difficult personally to have close friends move away.

Well, the night of September 10th, I dreamed about my friends.  I dreamed that we were back together again and having fun like we used to.  And then I woke up.  I was sad and irritated that the joy I had just experienced was only in my dreams.  So I did what I typically do when my heart was heavy – I read my Bible.

That morning was particularly fitting.  I read about how Israel had its temple, the symbol of the relationship the Israelite people have with God, completely destroyed.  In essence, their entire existence was shaken because their temple had been demolished.  Their identity was tarnished and it was bad news.

What I gleaned from that passage was that change is inevitable.  I guess I’d better get used to it.

In an eerily ironic fashion, my phone rang at the precise moment I closed my Bible.  My Dad was on the other end of the call and told me I needed to turn on the news.  I don’t watch the news and I never have (as a regular occurrence), so I was taken back that my Dad even suggested I turn it on.

He knows I don’t watch the news, I thought to myself.  What in the world is he wanting to me to see?  We’re in different time zones – what sort of news would we both be able to see?

As I turned on the news, I watched the plane fly into the South tower of the World Trade Center.  While I had no idea what happened or why, I found myself immediately in a total sense of calm and peace.

Oh yeah, change happens, I remembered from just moments earlier.

While I am absolutely not trivializing the needless and tragic deaths of the 2,752 people known to have died in the World Trade Center events alone, I am simply stating that we don’t have to attach the meaning we once attached to the iconic buildings that once stood tall in Manhattan.

My heart and prayers go out to the countless lives that were forever changed 11 years ago today.

Are you a person who fears change or resists it?  Why?