The One Question Every Leader Needs To Constantly Ask

Let’s face it: life is busy.  I don’t just mean that there’s a lot to do.  I mean if you don’t duck fast enough, your over committed life will smack you.  In our personal lives, my wife and I have found ourselves asking this question a ton.  It’s obviously a lesson we are in the process of learning.

Too Busy

4 Boundaries You Must Respect at Work If You’re Married

Being married requires your full attention in today’s society.  I’m not sure about how this was in the past, but today, it seems more and more that the family unit is under attack.  And, while I don’t know from personal experience, I have observed more times than I would have preferred that relationship breakdowns derail every aspect of your life.  You cannot possibly stay effective during a divorce.  To keep your marriage intact and thriving, I suggest the following.

Lunch Date

What They Do Shouldn’t Matter

Several months ago I was meeting up with a friend who is frequently 5-10 minutes late.  It might be traffic or oversleeping.  All legitimate reasons, but, late nonetheless.  On this particular morning, I went through my normal mental gymnastics deciding whether I should attempt to complete a task before leaving for our meeting, or whether I should leave a couple minutes early.


Why a New Year Doesn’t Matter

Everyone is so focused on the New Year. “I’ll see you next year!” patients told me with excitement.

I wonder why a new year is so exciting. Is it because we see it as a fresh start? Maybe. Is it because we think we get a do over? “I didn’t like how last year went, but I get another chance for this year?” Perhaps.

I contend, however that a small mental shift could give us this gusto in our everyday lives. First, God says His compassions are new every morning. You can read it for yourself in the Bible (Lamentations 3:22-23). While the law of cause and effect is very real, chances are, what you did yesterday will stay there, giving you a fresh start today. You’re forgiven; it’s in the past.

Second, realizing success is an inside job and rarely, if ever, has to do with your circumstances. You can take on whatever challenges you want, whenever you want. A New Year is not a prerequisite.

Finally, success comes from consistent effort over time with God’s help and favor. Dave Ramsey explains this with his formula:

(Consistent Effort / Time) x God

So neither a new year nor a new day are required. Decide what you want, write it down, and consistently work toward it. You can have whatever you want if you get crystal clear about exactly what it is.

Make today count. Not because it’s a new year, but because you have decided to go get what you want.