Who Are We Really Doing This For?

I was recently at a KILLER concert by Danny Black and Friends.  It was outrageous.  He has more talent than I have ever seen in anyone.  There was something unique and different about him.

Danny Black at Plymouth Roc

Most performers I’ve seen are decent to good at their craft (singing, playing guitar, etc).  Danny was excellent.  But what set him apart from anyone else were a few of his character traits.

First, Danny was humble.  This is unique in my experience with performers.  He called people out in the audience to make them feel special and noticed, and he thanked people for their tips.  He didn’t do this occasionally; he did every single time.

Danny was also very personable.  He seemed to connect with people faster and better than I would expect someone on stage to do.  He made everyone feel good!

Danny is different – he has a repertoire of around 5,000 songs he can pull up in his mind in an instant.  He uses technology to record tracks while he’s performing live and then layering those tracks during his set.  I had the privilege of watching his foot work those pedals all night.  Incredible.

What makes Danny the most unique though is he wasn’t performing for himself.  He was performing for every person in the audience.  He sang, “Happy Birthday” to a guy.  He took requests and played songs people love.  There was nothing self-seeking about anything he did in his show.  He included his friends, and shared the stage with others.

Leaders have a thing or two to learn about inspiring others from Danny.  So, from my observation of Danny Black, we would all do better to walk humbly, relate to others, be uniquely ourselves and be comfortable with our individuality, and, most of all, lead others for THEIR sake.

Great job, Danny!  Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with the world!

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