Where Does Your Help Come From?

Thoughts on seasons of plenty

If you’re like me, you often ask God for help.  I don’t like asking others for help, but I’m ok to ask God.

I ask God to send me more patients to serve, and then I ask Him for help not feeling overworked serving them. I ask God for provision, and then ask Him for guidance on more purchases.  It’s as if I’m schizophrenic in my prayer life.  I have no idea how God follows my whims.  Good thing He loves me!

In Psalm 54 today, I learned some really cool things about God.

  1. God will vindicate me.  He will show me to be right, reasonable, or justified.  This is especially helpful to know when I’m facing situations where people are acting unjustly.
  2. Surely God is my help.” (v 4a)  He’s not possibly my help, or probably my help, but SURELY my help.
  3. God is the one who sustains me. (v 4b) It’s not money , success, fame or fortune that sustains me.  It’s not recognition or awards or accolades or accomplishments or entertainment.  Only God sustains me.  When you feel overworked or pressed or squeezed, remember, it’s not the power nap, or the break in your schedule that will sustain you.  Go to God, ask for help, and continue on with your mission.  People depend on you.
  4. God provides the win.  In due season, the win is ours.  That’s His promise to us.  But we have to stay the course.

I think reminders of how powerful and loving and faithful God is are extremely important.  So here’s the reminder directly from Psalm 54: “Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.” (v4)

According to my 8 year old, Noah, “God writes short verses sometimes, but they’re so powerful.”

I agree, Noah.  Hopefully, you found encouragement to keep going today knowing our help comes from God!

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2 thoughts on “Where Does Your Help Come From?

  1. Thanks for the share. Adjusting my fellow Veterans daily in Veterans Administration , I pray this way daily to help cope with the stories they tell me about their past and current struggle. Many tell me thru my Chiropractic care, I’ve given them their lives back. Thank God for his guidance and support daily.