4 Common Places To Look For This Major Insult on Your Health

Recently, I was visiting a great friend of mine, Dr. Mike Porter for my monthly round of Nutrition Response Testing (NRT).  NRT is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body to determine the underlying causes of illness and non-optimum health.  


While undergoing my testing, he found plastics in my body.  I was stunned that he could find this so specifically.  Here’s what I learned are the sources for such plastics in my own case.  While yours might be different, check this list out:

1. Single serve coffee makers.  I currently use a Nespresso Pixie at home and enjoy a cafe Americanno every morning.  However, the espresso pods are made of plastic and the hot water and pressurized brewing process are causing the plastics to off-gas in my morning cup of joe.  At my office, I have a professional grade Keurig.  Most K-cups have the same problem with plastic off-gassing.  Fortunately here, I found some coffee packaged in a filter pack instead of plastic.  It’s all I drink currently.  You can the San Francisco Bay Coffee here.

2. Bottled water.  I know, I know…everyone is aware of bottled water and the off gassing of bisphenol-A (BPA).  It causes coronary artery disease, and the FDA totally denies it’s a problem.  I don’t drink out of plastic water bottles often, but recently I forgot my normal bottle when I went to the gym, so I bought some water at the cafe there.  This one was a store-bought bottle with BPA.  After working out, I sat in the sauna and took my water with me – bad idea.  After I received my Captain Obvious award, I realized taking a BPA water bottle in a hot steamy room might cause it to off-gas.  Instead of drinking out of these, buy only BPA free, reusable water bottles (non-affiliate link).  Because of the major importance of neurological and endocrine health during growth and development, we make sure our kids only drink from Nalgene, CamelBak, or Contigo water bottles like these here.

3. Receipts printed on thermal printers.  This is crazy!  Dr. Mercola’s website mentioned an article that stated holding a thermal receipt for just 5 seconds was enough to transfer BPA into your system.  As a self-diagnosed retail therapy patient, this happens often.  The solution? Create a spam-only gmail account  and have all your receipts emailed instead of printed.  Retailers will definitely spam you if you give them your email address for your receipts, so use a separate account so your email inbox doesn’t get clogged with a bunch of useless spam.

4. Cash. Dave Ramsey‘s the man, but he may not have told you about this risk in using cash.  I still use cash, but I keep it in a wallet that I don’t keep in my pocket.  Body heat will increase your exposure to this.  Also, never store receipts and cash together in your wallet, as this will exponentially increase your exposure to BPA.

So why all the fuss? Recently, I have been more moody, and have noticed a decreased immune resistance when exposed to sick patients.  This is fitting with my over-exposure to plastics and BPA.

The problem with BPA is that it’s an endocrine disrupter, which means it mimics or interferes with your body’s hormones and disturbs your endocrine system. The glands of your endocrine system release hormones that regulate mood, growth and development, tissue function, metabolism, as well as sexual function and reproductive processes.  

He put me on a supplement that helps me clear the plastic, but I won’t mention it here.  Protocol work in healthcare (take this for that, do this if you want that symptom gone) is very different (and much more dangerous) than testing and dosing.  So what works for my body might not work for yours.  You’ll never hear me tell you or my patents they should take a certain supplement for a desired outcome.  I will always refer them to someone who can test and dose them.  If you need help finding someone in your area, email me, and we’ll find you someone.

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