Where Does Your Help Come From?

Thoughts on seasons of plenty

If you’re like me, you often ask God for help.  I don’t like asking others for help, but I’m ok to ask God.

I ask God to send me more patients to serve, and then I ask Him for help not feeling overworked serving them. I ask God for provision, and then ask Him for guidance on more purchases.  It’s as if I’m schizophrenic in my prayer life.  I have no idea how God follows my whims.  Good thing He loves me!

In Psalm 54 today, I learned some really cool things about God.

  1. God will vindicate me.  He will show me to be right, reasonable, or justified.  This is especially helpful to know when I’m facing situations where people are acting unjustly.
  2. Surely God is my help.” (v 4a)  He’s not possibly my help, or probably my help, but SURELY my help.
  3. God is the one who sustains me. (v 4b) It’s not money , success, fame or fortune that sustains me.  It’s not recognition or awards or accolades or accomplishments or entertainment.  Only God sustains me.  When you feel overworked or pressed or squeezed, remember, it’s not the power nap, or the break in your schedule that will sustain you.  Go to God, ask for help, and continue on with your mission.  People depend on you.
  4. God provides the win.  In due season, the win is ours.  That’s His promise to us.  But we have to stay the course.

I think reminders of how powerful and loving and faithful God is are extremely important.  So here’s the reminder directly from Psalm 54: “Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me.” (v4)

According to my 8 year old, Noah, “God writes short verses sometimes, but they’re so powerful.”

I agree, Noah.  Hopefully, you found encouragement to keep going today knowing our help comes from God!

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Relationships: When The Going Gets Tough

How to stick with the ones you love when you're hurting

Have you had seasons when your relationships have felt stagnant?  I know I have.  I’ve even had times where I’ve been downright frustrated or offended in relationships and I’ve been ready to quit.  Sometimes it’s my marriage, other times it’s friendships; it has even been with family members.

Happy Couple

Let’s Quit All These Stupid Social Games

I was recently on a three week research sabbatical and, man, was I ever surprised at how it went.  More on this later.  In my time and space that I’ve never had the privilege of experiencing before, I was able to make some observations.  One of the loudest observations I made is how many social games people play.  There”s the typical ‘keeping up with the Jones” stuff and then there’s the ‘I’m going to take people down who have more than I have’ stuff.


Feeling Discouraged?

If you are, “you are disagreeing with God.  Questioning his judgement.  Second-guessing his taste.  According to him you were ‘skillfully wrought’ (Ps. 139:15). You were ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ (Ps. 139:14).  He can’t stop thinking about you!  If you could count his thoughts of you, ‘they would be more in number than the sand’ (Ps. 139:18). Why does he love you so much?  The same reason the artist loves his paintings or the boat builder loves his vessels.  You are his idea.  And God has only good ideas. ‘For we are God’s masterpiece.  He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago’ (Eph. 2:10 NLT).” – From Max Lucado’s Fearless (Affiliate Link)

The One Question Every Leader Needs To Constantly Ask

Let’s face it: life is busy.  I don’t just mean that there’s a lot to do.  I mean if you don’t duck fast enough, your over committed life will smack you.  In our personal lives, my wife and I have found ourselves asking this question a ton.  It’s obviously a lesson we are in the process of learning.

Too Busy

4 Boundaries You Must Respect at Work If You’re Married

Being married requires your full attention in today’s society.  I’m not sure about how this was in the past, but today, it seems more and more that the family unit is under attack.  And, while I don’t know from personal experience, I have observed more times than I would have preferred that relationship breakdowns derail every aspect of your life.  You cannot possibly stay effective during a divorce.  To keep your marriage intact and thriving, I suggest the following.

Lunch Date

Your Greatest Asset as a Leader

There’s this weird dichotomy in our culture.  Some leaders say things like, “Everyone in your organization is replaceable; even upgradable.” or “Don’t think for a second that person can’t be replaced in an instant with someone better who actually wants to do the work.”  Others behave as if they should hand over the keys to the kingdom to their employees because they’re afraid of losing key players.  So which is it?  Are people replaceable or do we need to avoid turnover at all costs?


What They Do Shouldn’t Matter

Several months ago I was meeting up with a friend who is frequently 5-10 minutes late.  It might be traffic or oversleeping.  All legitimate reasons, but, late nonetheless.  On this particular morning, I went through my normal mental gymnastics deciding whether I should attempt to complete a task before leaving for our meeting, or whether I should leave a couple minutes early.